10 cultures in Japan that will make you want to visit!

You can call it their habits or tradition, the fact is that these characteristics define a country. Japan, one of the most culturally evolved nations, has some amazing rituals and practices that will surely entice you to visit Japan at least once in your lifetime. Read on to know more!


Japanese streets do not have disposable bins installed and yet it is a clean country. The reason is that Japanese think that eating or drinking while walking on the road is rude. Visitors are always in awe of the clean roads.

Kawaii Culture

Kawaii literally means ‘cuteness’. People in Japan take part in this culture in everyday life sometimes through their appearance and mostly by the products they use. From a toilet seat to street characters, everything is cute and it feels like you are in a toy land.


Usually in a country like ours, when we see someone walking with a facemask on, we immediately conclude that it must be because of the pollution and wandering viruses but in Japan it is the other way round. Japanese people usually wear these masks so that they do not make other people sick with their disease. They are very particular about hygiene, for themselves and others too.


If you know their language, then you will get to know that whatever they speak gushes nothing but politeness. Their language is such that it professes politeness in its very essence. Moreover, their obedience towards fellow humans is well reflected when they stop their cars for others to cross the road or standing on the left side of the escalator leaving the right side for those who want to walk. These are just a few examples.


Earthquake is a major concern when you are in Japan but otherwise, Japan is far away from man-made disasters. You don’t have to worry about being robbed off your wallet and mobile phone even if you are asleep drunk on a roadside bench. It is true that Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Adorable food

Japanese chefs are pro in making the Japanese food adorable. From candies, sweets, cakes, lollipops, to main course dishes, all the products are very cute. The mastery of the chefs is praise worthy because what they create gives immense pleasure to both your eyes and taste buds.


Japanese consider the customers as supreme and treat them with great service. Even small cafes and restaurants give a top-notch service.

Seasonal Festival

Japan boasts of more than 300000 traditional festivals that are also called ‘matsuri’. Local communities to the local shrines sponsor these. Japanese like to celebrate every aspect of their being, so be it a flower blooming festival or a traditional dance festival, the arrangement and festivity at each of the festival is jaw dropping.


Buddhism and Shinto are the two religions followed in Japan but that is the private affair of each individual. The simplicity in everyday life is what accounts their spirituality. Goodness in everyday life and an appropriate approach towards life is their spirituality that can be felt when you experience Japan.


Japanese way of living in general is punctuality; they live and swear by it. Nobody expects you to be late and if you are, you are supposed to inform in advance. In fact, a “delay certificate” is given to the passengers if they are late due to a delay in the train, which is a rare occurrence.

These are reasons enough to experience such a beautiful and simple country on your own. We hope you make up your mind to explore Japan first hand!

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